• Amankora Thimphu, Bhutan

    Perched atop craggy Himalayan peaks between India and China, the awesome, remote, and stunningly beautiful Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan is slowly awakening. To offer foreign visitors a rare – and close-up – glimpse of some hitherto sequestered regions, Amanresorts has pioneered a novel circuit with a series of intimate lodges called Amankora (derived from “aman” or “peace” in Sanskrit and “kora” or “circular pilgrimage” in Dzongkha, the Bhutanese language).

    Thimphu is flanked by forested slopes dotted with ancient monasteries and lhakhangs (temples). It remains, remarkably, the world’s only capital without traffic lights. Amankora Thimphu is a quiet retreat. The dzong-like architecture incorporates stone, white washed buildings and traditional wood burning “bukhari” stoves. A flagstone outdoor dining deck offers views of blue pine forests.

    Source: Amankora Thimphu

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