• The Caves All Inclusive, Jamaica

    Lighthouse Rd
    West End

    Secluded on cliffs south of Negril's beach-resort areas, this open-air resort in Jamaica accepts no more than 24 guests (minimum age 16) and offers access to the sea via cliffside paths and jumping-off spots.

    One of the Island Outpost resorts developed by Chris Blackwell—music (Island Records), movie, and hotel entrepreneur—the casual Caves All-Inclusive resort attracts an international clientele, including celebrities, by providing seclusion for guests (who must be age 16 or older). Self-serve bars, no-menu meals (servers describe daily choices), and sea-view, open-air nooks create the resort's intended home-like ambience.

    Paths lead down cliffs to ladders that drop into the Caribbean Sea. Guests can also leap into the sea from heights ranging from 4.5m (15 ft) to 7.5m (26 ft). Two caves carved into the cliffs and coral near the cliffs offer exploration/snorkeling opportunities. Sunbathing areas have cushioned lounge chairs. Positioned on a clifftop platform are a 6-m (20-ft) saltwater pool and a spa tub, a sauna for two, and a jetted-tub room for four.

    Sunsets at Rick's Café 300m (328 yds) north of the resort are a Negril tradition. People jump off 15m (50-ft) cliffs into the Caribbean Sea, and a band plays reggae for dancing.

    Source: The Caves All Inclusive

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