• Fascinating Argentina

    Argentina! A country of fascinating diversity and immense beauty. You are about to begin an unforgettable journey through each of its fabulous destinations . . .

    Argentina is a passionate land. In Buenos Aires you will be fascinated by tango, wonderful gourmet restaurants, art, design, and its lively and cosmopolitan spirit. You will be marveled by the immensity of Patagonia, and when visiting the North you will be enthralled by its colors, as much as the beautiful sound of silence. The Mesopotamia region will surprise you with its jungles and the uniqueness of the Iguazu Falls.

    Adventure and gourmet experiences await you in the Cuyo region, at the foot of the Andes, surrounded by vineyards.

    In the Central region you will find an huge diversity of land and activities.
    Argentina can be a journey from pre-historic sites to the modern and cosmopolitan life; from comfort and elegance, to lands yet to be discovered.

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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