• Islamabad Marriott Hotel, Pakistan

    Aga Khan Road Shalimar 5 Islamabad, 46000 Pakistan

    Phone: 92 51 2826121
    Fax: 92 51 25825113 
    Sales:  92 51 2826121 ext. 2701 
    Sales Fax:  92 51 2825113

    HESCO, Bomb proof and shockproof double security wall), bomb proof and shockproof scanning room. and pass-through gates at the Hotel entrance,

    New 8 outlets/pillar-less Marquee/conference/Board rooms, and outside catering

    Hotel Overview

    The five-star international Islamabad Marriott Hotel is located at the foot steps of the famous Margalla Hills and is within close proximity to Rawal Lake, the town centre, President &... Show more Prime Minister Houses, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senate, Parliament House, Foreign Missions, World Bank, Government Offices, corporate sector, Print and Electronic media offices etc. The Hotel is a favourite rendezvous of politicians, diplomats, businessmen and movers and shakers of the country. Owing to the perfect location of the hotel, it hardly takes half an hour to commute between the Hotel, the Islamabad International Airport and the places of interests.

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