• Crossing the Antarctic Circle

    These voyages from Polar Cruises combine the splendor of the Antarctica Peninsula voyages with a specific goal - to get to 66 degrees 33.7' South. Very few travellers have ever been so far south. By crossing the Antarctic Circle, you will join an elite group of people who not only have been to Antarctica, but have ventured into a region seldom visited.

    • Seldom Visited Sites
    • Incredible icebergs
    • Millions of penguins – Adélie, gentoo, chinstrap
    • 5 species of seals – crabeater, Weddell, leopard, fur and southern elephant
    • Whales – humpback, minke, orca
    • History

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  1. james kelli says:

    Yes, Antarctica Tour is one of most influencing and so adventurous trip I thinks that. These voyages that you posted in this blog is so amazing and I also have a wish to travel to the south pole.
    Antarctic Holidays
    Polar Cruises

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